Market Surveillance

Market surveillance is a service directed against larger governmental and private organizations and authorities. Market surveillance is done by letting BIGCRAWLER automatically collect information about products for sale at a specific market. The desired information is extracted and a report is automatically generated from the collected data. This could be reports identifying businesses not complying with the rules about information level for the products, or if the product themselves is complying with energy and environmental laws. The collected data will be included in reports illustrating development over a time period, e.g. subsegments, retailer-scores( estimated market share or the extent of compliance to regulations) and more.

As an example of the use of market surveillance, the Danish authorities are required to survey the supply of electronic appliances due to the EU’s Ecodesign and labeling directive that was introduced recently. Read more here – Ecodesign

The directive dictates a minimum requirement to energy efficiency for many well-known household appliances and requires a distinct labeling on the appliance itself showing their energy consumption and other related attributes. The same information must be presented on the internet, which makes it possible to monitor the market development in energy efficiency for e.g. refrigerators, if there is models not complying with regulations, which retailers that provides illegal appliances and what the most cost effective appliances costs compared to less effective ones.

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