DaaS – Data as a Service

Do you need to extract information from various sources with different structures on a regular basis?

Big 2 Great has the solution for you!
Data as a Service (DaaS) is a solution for those who need to collect the same type of data in frequent time intervals. You just specify which data you need and their sources, how often the extraction should run, and the format of the data output. We offer a wide range of formats such as Excel, database dump, XML, SPSS, CSV and more. We ensure a correct configuration of BIGCRAWLER and download of data, information extraction and  structuring of the data in your desired format. We configure BIGCRAWLER to collect data automatically at the given time intervals. The collected data is delivered to you automatically. As soon as you get the data from us you can start right on with your analysis in your preferred analysis program, or update reports based on the delivered data.

We offer consultancy on data analysis, statistics and visualization of data – both for reports and the web.

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