About us

Big 2 Great is a data collecting- and analysis-business based on BIGCRAWLER. Big 2 Great was created due to the demand of collecting data in an effective and automatic way. Many webpages shows important information with different structures, either semi-structured or unstructured data which makes the data costly to collect and compare. This problem is what we are trying to solve with BIGCRAWLER which is able to collect, extract and structure data in an effective way.

We give our customers a stronger data foundation for their analysis. We deliver a great and detailed data foundation which produces more precise analysis. The vast amount of details creates the possibility of new analysis and therefore new knowledge and insight. Our vision is, that the huge amount of information available online should not just be big (from Big data), but return great value to our customers (to Great value).

Big –  We collect large amount of data to our customers   –  Great – We structure the unstructured data to create value for our customer