Ad-hoc data extraction

Are you tired of copy-pasting from a various websites?

BIG 2 GREAT offer Ad-hoc data extraction. Simply specify the information needed and its web address and we’ll take care of it. We offer Ad-hoc data extraction when you need a onetime dataset, e.g. for a report. You only need to specify the data you wish to extract and their source and let us know which format your data should be delivered in. We offer many formats like Excel, database dump, XML, SPSS, CSV and many others. We ensure a correct configuration of <link>BIGCRAWLER and download of data, information extraction and structuring of the data in your desired format. Are you going to introduce a new product to a market, we recommend an Ad-hoc data extraction to get the best overview of the market, resellers and competitors. This forms the basis for a more precise market analysis.

We offer consultancy on data analysis, statistics and visualization of data – both for reports and the web.